Macro Photography of Flowers and Water Drops

Decided to try a new photography project....macro photos of flowers and water drops. First, I needed my subjects so I made a trip to the grocery store. I found a relatively fresh bouquet of a variety of flowers. Second, I unpacked my new Quadhands Workbench.

This wonderful invention consists of a heavy, approximately 6 by 9 inch metal base and four flexible metal "hands" with small claps on the end. The flexible metal "hands" can be moved anywhere on the base because they have magnetic base. While made to work on small electronics the workbench works as a great little platform to hold flowers and backgrounds while you photograph them. The workbench allowed me to place the main subject in the best position relative to background flower. I use a small syringe to drop water onto edges of flower petals. This took a great deal of patience.

For the photos below I used a flash attached to my Canon EOS Mark IV. In the future I will try to take the pictures outside in natural light. In addition to better light I believe the background would be improved.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below!

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