The Merganser and the Crayfish

The below picture shows a young Hooded Merganser and a crayfish flying through the air. This image was captured in the middle of the story of the Merganser and the Crayfish. Read on for the beginning and end of the story. Who gets something to eat and who escapes?

The story begins as two young Hooded Mergansers are searching for food at the Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, Virginia. One of them captures a Crayfish. Over the next minute or so the duck "wrestles" with the crayfish which appears to be valiantly fighting.

While I do not know for sure, it appears the crayfish's struggle has forced the young Merganser to fling the crayfish free. Leaving what appears to be a claw in the duck's mouth?

The duck quickly recovers the Crayfish and it appears his sibling is celebrating.

The young Merganser then successfully consumes the Crayfish.

Hope you enjoyed this story of Mother Nature and these images!